Christmas decorations - Charlie Brown and Sally read the Sunday comics

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful start to 2014.  I certainly hope that this year is a memorable one for you, filled with growth, happiness, and abundance.  If the New Year has started off poorly, you only have up from here!

Just in case you are new to the site or took a hiatus from my action-filled posts, here are the top posts from 2013.  Thank you for making this year great!

No More Comparing: Be Who God Wants You To Be When you’re tempted to compare yourself, try this instead

When Your Story Has A Theme: Hope In Uncertainty 2013 has been a transition point in my life, here is a post that has deep meaning in my life

Don’t Be Born Again, And Don’t Sell All Your Possessions Follow Jesus, even if it looks different from other people

On Ordinary Times And Rob Bell Musings on when God showed up unexpectedly in a rather normal time

Why I Chose To Unfriend And Unfollow: How I recently dealt with jealousy in the social media age

Why Following Jesus Can Be Annoying “It’s very annoying following this person of Christ around because he’s very demanding of your life.” Bono

How Jackie Robinson Confronted Injustice Jackie Robinson’s legacy in confronting injustice

Pope John Paul II’s Generous Orthodoxy The Vatican’s happy warrior

My good friend Jon Varner (Jon’s blog) wins the award for the most popular guest post for 2013: “Stop Objectifying Me!” Sincerely, The Holy Spirit

I wish you a happy and beautiful New Year!

(Bonus points if you read my Best of 2012.)

Photo: Kevin Dooley via Compfight