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    One done

    A new year wouldn’t be a new year without the inevitable introspective post.

    For me a few weeks ago I sat down and looked back on my goals from last year.  Surprisingly, I was able to accomplish a few of my goals and totally missed out on others.  One major life change for us was totally surprising, another was partially planned.

    This year I received the incredible privilege of publishing an article in an online magazine.  Prodigal Magazine posted What do I do if my story is boring? and I simply could not be more thrilled at that opportunity.  However, I missed the goal of learning an instrument and running a half marathon.

    In regards to life changes, my family expanded and then moved.  As you might know, Lucy came into our lives in August and she has been a smiling bundle of joy ever since (OK, maybe not all the time.  She is a raging extrovert though).  My family and I also made the totally unexpected move to San Francisco in 2013.  It’s funny to think how this time last year I was looking for a career change in Southern California and didn’t expect to move up the coast.  Unfortunately, Dan Miller’s 48 Days didn’t prepare me for how God might lead us out of sunny Southern California!

    A few of my public goals this year are:

    Run a 5k every quarter

    Launch an interdenominational site centered on walking as a disciple of Jesus (more to come on this later)

    Give out an eBook

    Settle down in San Francisco

    I truly believe that goals are helpful things to set (see Michael Hyatt on this point), but I try not to beat myself if I don’t complete them as planned.  It’s OK to fail and make mistakes.

    So in the event you have not set any goals this year, I will post some great suggestions all this month.  The most important thing here is to take a step in intentionally growing this year.

    What are some of your goals for 2014?

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  • Jeremy, one of my spiritual goals is to read the Bible consistently for the entire calendar year using a plan I found online. Relationally, I plan to become a great encourager to people I know in person and online. Personally, I have a couple of house projects I want/need to do including the huge project of cleaning out and organizing our basement.

    • I wish you the stick-to-it-ness when it comes to your goals. The interweb certainly need solid encouragers and I think you’ll fit nicely in that category.

      Good luck in the housing project, don’t envy that one. 😉

  • InciteFaith

    Love God.
    Love Others.

    Same goals as last year, just more intentional.

    Cheers to another GREAT year! 😀

    • Love the goals and the command to GO! Cheers to intentionality.

  • Jeremy, paraphrasing Dan Miller, let’s say you made $50,000 last year, but set a goal to make $100,000 this year. At the end of the year, you make $80,000. Is this a failure because you didn’t reach your goal? Of course not! You’ve just increased your income by $30,000.

    While this is a financial example, I believe it applies to all areas we set goals in. We may not achieve all we set out to do, but we will have succeeded because we will have accomplished more than we would have without listing goals in the first place.

    Our goals should obviously align with what we sense God is leading us to do, but we should leave in place the flexibility to shift directions as He leads us and opens unexpected opportunities, just as you did in the move to SF.

    • I just read your paraphrase in my head with Dan Miller’s voice. I appreciate his podcast!

      Your points are spot on. If we set 5 goals and hit 2 (perhaps moving towards completing another), then we have succeeded in my book. Intentional growth is really the best way to go.