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    Do you think that we should get everything right when it comes to believing in God?

    It might be odd hearing this from someone with a Masters in Theology, but I really don’t think so.  I have written several times here that God is not concerned about us getting things right.  He’s not primarily concerned that we get our theological act together.

    Should we have a strong understanding of theology?  Absolutely!  We should study our roots in Church History, explore the depths of our faith in Theology, and grasp Scripture with confidence through Biblical Studies, but these areas of studies should not be what comes first.  What comes first is who we are now and who we are becoming.  Jesus was most concerned with a new way of being.

    Jesus said to his disciples in John that he gave them a new commandment.  He didn’t say try harder, become a better you, get everything right on a test, or dare to be Daniel.  No, instead he told them “just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.”  In fact, this was meant to be the main identifier of Christ followers.  All people would know that this motley crew were followers of Jesus through the love exhibited towards each other. Solo exam

    Jesus was not concerned with getting your beliefs right.  He wasn’t concerned about you passing the theological SAT’s.  As important as that stuff might be, he was concerned about a new way of being.  He was concerned that they loved each other and through this love they would invite others into a better story.  A story that has an ending where God wipes every tear away from their eyes.

    I do hope you might deepen your understanding of the God revealed in Scripture, but don’t start there.  Choose to follow Christ and be a disciple of his.  Follow him and take a new way of being, a person marked with faith, hope, and love.