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    I was reading an article by Michael Horton about American Christianity’s obsession with sentimentality.  We picture angels as chubby babies and God as this old bearded man.  Sometimes we are terrified of mental images that we create about God, but by and large, we desire a God that is tame.

    While I believe there are bright and articulate spokespeople for Wesleyan-Arminian theology, sometimes I feel that those who emphasize freewill are trying to make God tame  It seems that pop-Armininian theology is about allowing me to choose my own path and it is glorifying my own choice.  I want to be able to approach God on my own merits, I want to walk up to Him in a more friendly manner.

    What appeals in a Reformed theology is the emphasis on God’s sovereignty.  We do not choose God, He chooses us.  God is not about sentimentality, like a Precious Moments doll.  He is not predictable.  There is a scene in the Narnia books where Lucy realizes that Aslan is not safe.  He does what needs to be done but is not safe at all.  However, while he is not safe, he is good.  He can be relied on, even though he did not do practical things that Lucy might have wanted.

    I am glad that Jesus is not safe but is good instead.