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    God has a work for each one of us to do.  

    This has been on my mind for awhile now.  Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by it. That we have a certain amount of days alloted to us (Ps 139:16).  One day I will be gone and time will continue onward.   Time will continue ticking along and only what I leave behind will remain.

    It’s very unnerving to me, to be perfectly honest.  Yet, it is very exhilarating at the same time.  I know that I have work to do, so I ought to roll up my sleeves and do it.  Death cannot stop me until my work is done.

    Think about that for a moment.  We have a certain amount of days given to us, and we cannot go early.  Doesn’t that provide a good deal of strength?  The fangless jaws of death (I Cor. 15) cannot engulf me until it is time to be with Christ.  Certainly, bad things can harm me, but I know and trust that I will be preserved until my work is done.  Leave a legacy of solid work.

    Dear reader (and author!), before you can get down to leaving a legacy, you will need to find passion.  Finding one’s passions and desires is best found in other works and I would recommend that you look there (see Dan Miller, Michael Hyatt, or the Storyline blog for helpful direction).  So find a love and passion, then pursue it.  You are unique and we need you in those fields.  Just don’t go after money.  Don’t go after what others pressured you to go into.  If you’re not good at math, don’t become a math teacher.  God gave you skills and strengths (not to mention weaknesses!) to use.  Bear in mind, that He also purposefully chose not to give you certain gifts.  He gave you this and not that.  Be true to who you are and live a better story.

    Find and pursue your passions.  We need you.