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    If God’s incomprehensibility does not grip us in a word, if it does not draw us into his superliminious darkness, if it does not call us out of the little house of our homely, close-hugged truths… we have misunderstood the words of Christianity.
    -Karl Rahner

    One of the themes of Advent that comes to my mind quickly is that of mystery and Rahner’s quote helped speak to this theme. If we are not kicked in the gut by the declaration of Advent (and Christianity overall), then we have missed something. Somewhere along the line, the message (that God came to us) has been lost in translation.

    The proposition that God has come to us in the lowly form of a helpless infant should prompt us to wonder and amazement. God became man.

    Jesus learned how to walk, talk, and be potty-trained. Jesus meek and mild (as the song goes) is not an accurate representation of the reality of his existence.  Jesus was a baby and probably cried like other infants.  He gestated for months and teethed as an infant.  The eternal God was in the confines of the womb, growing and developing ever so slowly.

    We ought to rest in the incomprehensible nature of God incarnate and cry out “Holy, holy, holy” to the one who took on flesh to restore our brokenness and right the world.  He took on flesh and was made an embryo that became man (incredible!).  He took on flesh that we might have eternal life through his death and resurrection.  His Advent has come and He will return again.

    Come Lord quickly.