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    I wanted to post my first teaser piece in this blog’s illustrious history (cue fanfare).  My seminary, Fuller Seminary, posted a piece I wrote for Advent last week.  Below is a brief excerpt from the post and I hope you visit the site for the provocative conclusion.

    ‘Last Christmas I was listening to my Christmas station on Pandora while working on a paper for a class when I heard the beautiful music from Handel’s Messiah. Naturally, the Hallelujah chorus snapped me out of my focus and I paused to soak in the brilliance of this work. I distinctly recall the lyrics ringing in my ears, “The Kingdom of this world is become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ.” For some reason, I never really heard that line in the piece before. For some reason, the power of that lyric escaped me until that moment. So like any good Millennial, I immediately googled the lyrics to the piece.  I wanted to find out what Handel wrote as lyrics for the piece, and little did I know that this was lifted more or less from Revelation. It was not penned by Handel; rather it was taken from the Word of God.’

    To read more about my own Advent epiphany and how I miss the Kingdom of Our God and his Christ when it was there all along right in front of me, visit the post at Fuller Seminary’s website.