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    306/365: AdicciónI love coffee.

    There, I said it!

    Recently, I was staying with a host family out of town on a work related trip.  While I was there in the morning by my lonesome, I put a pod into one of those nifty Keurig machines and the fresh aroma of coffee began to fill the kitchen with remarkable goodness.

    That’s when it hit me, the familiar scent from years ago.

    The scent of vanilla caramel coffee transported me back to years ago when Kristen and I used to visit Disneyland regularly.  Each trip we picked up a vanilla flavored coffee on Mainstreet (with free refills, somewhat justifying the exorbitant price) and enjoyed the park together.  It really was a good cup of coffee, and casual dates at the park were always so fun for the both of us.

    This time of year would often be associated with the park, since we frequently sat on a park bench and talked amid the Halloween décor of the theme park.  Soon, the Halloween decorations would give way to the joyful atmosphere of Christmastime at the park, and we would both just enjoy the sights and sounds along with that cup of coffee.

    With the changing of the seasons, our lives too have taken on a new phase and alas we cannot pay for the hefty sum to the Mouse for a casual outing at Disneyland.  With the joyful addition of our daughter Lucy, and the pending move to San Francisco, these casual outings will remain as a pleasant, cherished memory.

    For now, I will enjoy a quiet house with a warm cup of vanilla caramel coffee and dream.  I will think back to those treasured evenings on a bench at Disneyland, and look toward new memories that will be tied to the aroma of good coffee in San Francisco.

    What aromatic connections with coffee do you have?

    Photo: Andrés Nieto Porras via Compfight