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    What do you do in those moments when you sense a conversation has kicked the bucket?  You know, those times, when words have run dry and the awkward feeling begins to creep in to a once vibrant talk?  (Is it just me?)

    I have never been good at closing out things.  Saying goodbye to loved ones, stepping away from a conversation that has died minutes before, and disconnecting from a group is very tough for me.  I don’t know why.  I remember one time I said my goodbyes to somebody and told him how nice it was to reconnect.  After hugging him and saying we’ll keep in touch, I then realized I had to ride the elevator down to the parking garage to get out of the building.  It was probably the most awkward elevator ride in the history of elevator rides.

    Sometimes I sit and stare out the window and hope that the Kingdom of God would come down finally.  Sometimes I just wish things would get over already that way new things can finally begin with Jesus coming back and putting everything to rights.  Because it is in that Kingdom where the universe will be put back into order and the people of God get to be with each other in the light of Jesus throughout eternity.  I will say to somebody, “see you later!” and truly mean it.  Even if I don’t see them for a million years, I will be able to reconnect with him or her after.  Sin will be rooted out and love will be there.  Love will be unhindered from the garbage of the world.

    I don’t know about you, but that excites me.  The New Jerusalem and the Renewed Heavens/Earth will be here one day, quicker than you know it!  In fact, we are a few minutes closer to that glorious day when faith will be made sight.  I look forward to the end of awkward goodbyes and look forward to heartfelt hellos.

    Lord, come quickly.