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    There has been a lot of discussion recently about the seemingly illiterate masses when it comes to religious and biblical matters.  These people are not just those who do not call Christianity their own or those people who do call themselves Christian but do not actively engage it (an excellent article on this issue can be found here).  These are the evangelicals, the conservative wing of Protestant Christianity.  Many who would want the 10 Commandments posted in the halls of courts cannot cite them .  A recent Pew poll confirmed this and another poll by The White Horse Inn at a Christian bookseller fair demonstrated this.  Interestingly enough, atheists are very literate when it comes to religious matters.

    I want to periodically explore what it means to be a Christian and clearly delineate the belief system.  This series will touch on issues from the Trinity to Eschatology and it is not my intentions to make the series exhaustive or definitive.  It is my belief that many Christians want to “save” people so badly that we forget what we believe and why we even believe it.  If we recover biblical literacy, we can then accurately preach the good news of Christ.  The good news (the gospel) that Jesus is Lord and Savior– who lived, was crucified  and three days later raised from the grave in glory.