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    Have you ever felt left behind or overlooked?

    If you are anything like me, odds are you have been overlooked from time to time.  I mean, come on, even Ben Affleck was snubbed by the Academy for a Best Director nomination!

    In most cases, if we are honest, humans want to belong.  I know I sure do.  I want to love and be loved, and those moments of social awkwardness standing in the corner of a crowded room are draining.  Sure, as an introvert, I’m comfortable being by myself for large patches of time, but being introverted does not mean that I am a hermit.  I love being around others, and I thrive in smaller settings  (I won’t necessarily shy away from large parties, I just know that my personality type requires times of renewal away from the noise).  Still, I need other people to maintain sanity.

    I like to be told that I’m wanted, and I like to feel included.  Yet, when rejection comes, the sting hurts.  Whether it’s a rejection of a relationship, job offer, school entrance, or varsity sports team, those moments hurt.  Those moments sting and can cut deep.

    In moments of rejection, I find comfort knowing that Jesus often went to the rejects.  He often went to the marginalized and called them friends.  Sure, he had followers who might have been of more powerful offices, but it seemed that he thrived in raising up the misfits of society.  In the same way, Paul would write later on to the church in Corinth that God chose the foolish people to confound the wise.  He chose the weak to shame the strong.

    How incredible is that?

    Jesus picked out a motley crew for his friends, and he chose the weak in a world of strength.

    It is this message that gives me a measure of solace when things don’t turn out my way.  When an opportunity could have been mine for the taking.  When things slip away out of my grasp.  I know that I’m still a part of that band of brothers and sisters, that group of weak and foolish people.  That group of the overlooked and the left behind.  It is in this hope that I hold onto when things fall apart.

    Blessed are the overlooked, for they are in the motley crew of Christ.