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    “You are not yet who you are supposed to be.”

    Phew!  What a relief.  

    Are you stuck with labels given to you justly or unjustly?  Perhaps you have been called a loser, loner, liar, or loon.  Well, I have something to tell you: Craig Groeschel has some good news for you!  God knows who you are, and he sees past those labels.  God sees them, and then transforms them, he makes something new.  God uses prostitutes, he uses liars, he uses murderers, and he uses cowards.  He uses broken people in a broken world, and he gives them an Altar Ego.  An identity that is rooted in Christ.

    Craig constantly raises the point that “without Christ as the center of your life, there’s something terribly wrong.  But with Christ, you are God’s masterpiece.”  This is the key to developing an altar ego, a life that is made new.  By giving our life to God as a sacrifice (hence altar, not alter), we are directed into a new territory.  We are given new values- patience, integrity, honor, and gratitude.  Once new values have been established (though not perfectly followed, see beginning quote), we are then moved to boldly following Jesus through our actions, prayers, words, and obedience.  

    Altar Ego was very well done.  This was my first time reading a book by Groeschel, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  I was worried that this might veer into a self-help book, but Groeschel was very faithful to the biblical texts.  It is readily accessible and digestible.

    I took my time reading this book, each chapter really could be used as a daily reading.  It is very encouraging, especially to those who might be upset about their spiritual lives.  Cultivating an altar ego, instead of a two-faced alter ego, is where we can truly become alive.  For those who are in Christ, our new lives are with him.  You and I can be who God made us to be, through being in Christ.  


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