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    Ice Cream

    On a recent JetBlue flight, I watched a few episodes of a National Geographic program on the brain.  Yes, I’m awesome like that.

    One of the segments pointed out how the brain processes choices.  If we walk into an ice cream shop and have the option of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, what would you choose?  

    Now if you were to go into another shop down the street and received the ice cream options of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, rocky road, cookies and cream, cookie dough, mint chocolate chip, fudge tracks, coffee, birthday cake, pistachio, chocolate cherry, french vanilla, chocolate fudge brownie, peanut butter cup, caramel, or apple pie, what would you choose?  

    Which store would you choose, the second one?  Which one would make you happier with your selection?  

    Not the second, actually the first one would.  

    The second shop provides so many choices that you undoubtedly would want more than just one flavor.  The first store, I would choose vanilla and wouldn’t feel too much remorse about the other flavors.  But that second one, it would take me a lot longer to decide!  Birthday cake sounds good, but then again so does peanut butter cup.  And fudge tracks (remember, only one scoop).  No matter what I went for, there would be a bit of buyers remorse because the second and third place flavors all looked so good too.

    Imprisoned By Choices

    In the face of many choices, it’s so very tough to commit.  In fact, we’re often imprisoned by choice.  But in life, we need to commit.  We simply cannot go throughout life always trying to keep our options open.  Never choosing to marry because there might be someone better out there.  Never choosing to plant roots in a community because somewhere else might be calling you.

    Bottom line is this: God wired us to choose and not live in a constant state fear of making a choice.  He created us to commit to him and to others.

    Seek Wisdom And CHOOSE

    Indeed, we should make wise choices, the Book of Proverbs is filled with this counsel.  We should pray, seek wisdom in God’s Word, and speak with wise Christians (not the type that counseled Rehoboam in I Kings 12).

    Similarly, Barry Cooper in a Christianity Today article wrote that there comes a point when,

    pausing becomes procrastination, when waiting is no longer wise.  There comes a point when not to choose become idolatry.  It becomes a lack of trust in the God who ordains the decisions we will make, gathers up the frayed ends, and works all things for our good and his glory.

    Seek wisdom and make wise choices.  Then we need to rest in the fact that God will work things out.  God is good and he is sovereign, but always remember that he is good.  Make a decision and trust that God will work all things for good for those who are called in his good name.