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    There was a guest post over at Between Two Worlds blog today where Jared Wilson wrote about the importance of brokenness and joy.  The first step towards real joy, he argued, is when we are encountered by despair over our failings.  However, once that despair has occurred then we are given freedom to laugh and rejoice.

    But once we have despaired of all sin and the gods at their genesis, we are free. Really, truly free. To eat fat juicy steaks and drink rich red wine.

    In fact, we cannot really enjoy the good gifts God gives us until he as their Giver is our greatest joy. Until he as their Giver is our greatest joy, we will left trying to enjoy his gifts for things they are not, rather than the things they are.

    This another reason why I personally enjoy liturgical church services.  The Anglican church I attend will lead us through these two steps every Sunday.  We are reminded about our sins, both those mistakes we have done and left undone, then after we have repented, peace is declared to us.  We are reminded that in Christ we have been forgiven and enlivened.  It is a reminder that we should never stay in a position of perpetual sadness and being a spiritual Eeyore, instead we ought to enjoy life.  For if “I believe in the gospel, I can finally enjoy the chocolate-ness of chocolate and the coffee-ness of coffee. Only the gospel frees me to enjoy things as they truly are and as they someday will be.”

    And that, my friends, is a promise and hope you can count on!