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    There has been such an outcry over religious violence throughout the world.  Well, perhaps it is more like criticism of religion that could lead to violence.  A pastor recently threatened to burn the Quran, promoting a response by other Christian leaders to bend over backwards to remove the threat of defacement of the text.  There was a church here in Irvine that chose to bless the Quran on September 11th, attempting to counteract any harm that might befall any other books that might befall the flame.  The pastor of that church believed that Muslims were travelling up a different road on the same mountain and that they should be encouraged on in their faith.

    As warm and fuzzy as that is, I feel that the pastor (and those who share his same position) is disrespecting the Islamic religion.  He is basically taking the Islamic truth claim, “there is no god by Allah and Mohammed his prophet”, and putting as an equal idea as polytheistic Hinduism.  The God of Christianity, which has been revealed as a Triune God, is equated with religions that place a human at the center of the religious experience.  It is very ignorant to say that Christians and Muslims all believe in the same thing when a Trinitarian God is abhorred by a Muslim.  One thing can be properly asserted, clarity is certainly lacking in this conundrum!