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    I am constantly reminded in reading through the Book of Isaiah that I must never fully trust in humanity for salvation.  If I chose to trust in humanity completely, I would simply be made the fool.  It’s not because I believe humans cannot do anything good.  It is because humans will never fully be faithful.  Humans will always disappoint.

    Think about it.

    Has anyone ever fully lived up to your expectations?  Even the people whom I love the most have failed me.  Some way or another, they will fail in promises made, protection offered, and love given.  I hate to be brutally blunt, but people will let us down.  I have let others down.  Our favorite political candidates and religious leaders will let us down.

    The prophet Isaiah called the people of Israel back to their roots, imploring them to remember that it was the gracious Lord of all who cared for them and protected them.  It was the covenant-keeping God who would protect and guard them, even when things looked most dark.  It was the Lord, giver of life who guarded them, if only they would have chosen to listen to Him.

    If only I would heed this life-giving call and allow myself to fully embrace this reality.  God wants to preserve me and I need be rooted in this promise.  God is faithful, even when I am faithless.  He is there, and He will never forsake you.