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    STOP - NSW Anti Graffiti laws discourage Street Art 

    Want to know something I have learned this year?

    Discouragement will come.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, then just wait!  It will show up when you are down in the dumps, and it will show up when you feel as if the universe is conspiring to further your project.  One day you will be high, and the next day you will hit the lowest of lows.  That, my friends, will happen.

    However, in those moments of despair, know that you are not alone.  You are not alone in the darkness.  You are not alone when all heck breaks loose, for even in the Valley of the Shadow of death, there will be comfort.

    Even in the darkest of ravines, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel will be with you.  The same God who raised Jesus from the dead will be next to you.  The same God who promises us his Spirit as a confirmation of our justification and sanctification will be holding you up when your knees are shaking.  

    Thanks be to God.

    What are you learning?

    Photo: Neerav Bhatt via Compfight