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    Do not abandon yourselves to despair.  We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.

    -Pope John Paul II


    Do you ever find yourself abandoning hope in the moments chaos and despair?  Do you find yourself ever waking in the middle of the night and not knowing how you’re going to get through the stormy night of your soul?

    Dear readers, in those moments of darkness don’t give in.  Don’t abandon yourself to despair.  

    If you are in Christ, you have a different song.  Not one of dead-ended sorrow, but a song that is rooted in the triumphant hope of Easter.  When darkness rolls into your soul, when storm clouds appear on the horizon, cling to this reality.  Cling to this song, even when it doesn’t seem real.  

    My church, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, provided this incredibly encouraging note along this line:

    “Easter provides the certainty that allows those who find life challenging to keep walking in faith while they wait for a spouse to marry, a new job, to finish that last class before graduation, or to anticipate a friendship to be reconciled.  Easter-faith is backbone and joy for the journey– it changes everything!”

    Trust in the risen Christ.  Trust that he will provide, even when you cannot see how.  Believe me, I’m there in the dark clouds, but this all I can hold onto.  I will hold onto this reality, for I am an Easter person, and Easter faith will be my backbone.  For the LORD, the covenant keeping God, will provide.

    How do you not abandon yourself to despair?