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    What do you fear?

    Do you fear commitment? How about spiders? Perhaps it’s failure? I can tell you what I fear, I fear starting.

    Start by Jon Acuff

    If you have ever had a dream, some unfulfilled vision, then my friends, Jon Acuff’s book START might be up your alley. If you have ever wanted to do something exceptional, but find that sometimes life is either too demanding or your dream scares the heck out of you, then you should consider picking this book up.

    START is written by the incredibly funny Jon Acuff. Not only is he on Dave Ramsey’s team, but he also has a pair of blogs that are on my must-read list. Stuff Christians Like is a great satire website dedicated to poking fun at Christians. His main blog helps people focus on living a better story by starting on their dreams now.

    Acuff’s book breaks down the journey of average to awesome in several steps:

    • Learning
    • Editing
    • Mastering
    • Harvesting
    • Guiding

    These areas all flow together and are all connected. Once you start, you must learn as much as you can, begin to edit that learning down until you begin to master it. Once you have planted the seeds though, it is time to reap the harvest of hardwork you put into your dream. Harvesting then leads into guiding, where you help others through the cycle.

    START is about going after your dreams. It’s about not settling for less than average. It’s about starting out small, and working your tail off on your big dream. It’s about not wasting the gift of life, so START today on your dreams.

    Why should you START now?

    Because starting is the only thing you can control. You don’t know when you’ll hit the finish line, heck, you don’t even know when you’ll turn from amateur to pro. All you can do now is START. Why not do it today? Be brave and try it, even if you feel like you might fail. START today, live with purpose today. After all, now is all you are guaranteed to have.

    Make no mistake about it though; going after your dreams will be tough. Let’s not get delusional and think that all will be well. But take heart, for stories without dragons are boring and every great hero needs a villain. START is about confronting that tough road and overcoming it.

    Perhaps the villain in your story is the endless rejection letters you have received from editors. Know that fear will always be a chief villain in your story. Your archenemy though can be conquered. As Acuff would remind me in his book, “a dream that you don’t fight for isn’t a dream- it’s a nap.”

    Pick up the book and give awesome a chance. START today and be awesome!