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    What will it be like to finally see God?  To see Him as He is, face to face.

    Can you imagine that?  Stop reading this, and put yourself before God in a big throne room.  What emotions are invoked?

    For me, there is a tension that slips to the surface.

    Majestic yet intimate.  Awe inspiring yet inviting. Totally other yet vaguely familiar. King and Father- tied into one.

    Picture it like seeing your childhood hero or waiting for the celebration parade of a championship sports team.  When I met my childhood hero Chuck Finley (pitcher for the Angels), I was starstruck in every sense of the word.  When we lined the streets for the World Series Champions to march through Anaheim, there was genuine excitement in the air of sweet victory.

    I also imagine it would be like a surprise party.  It’s as if you entered through the door and your friends are there yelling “surprise!”  Only this time, it’s the host of heaven and God Himself waiting for you.  It’s all of these emotions rolled into one.  Joy, laughter, excitement, surprise, and awe.  To see God as He is.  The maker of heaven and earth, and the one who will right the world in his coming kingdom.

    This excitement won’t be forced.  It’s not as if you were forced to join a High School pep rally (remember those?).  For those who are in Christ, it seems like, by all accounts, you’ll want to be there.  It’s like that moment at a U2 concert when the electricity in the air makes you feel alive (only more so!).  It’s like that moment when you finally have that book in your hands or are sitting in the movie theater for the final movie of an epic series.  Surely, you probably know that feeling!

    Why will there be excitement?

    Revelation 5 describes a scene of worship where all of heaven shouted in praise, assigning worth to something superior than them.  This one who is great is Jesus.  This one is both the triumphant lion and lamb that was slain.

    He was a triumphant lion, risen and glorified.  He also was a lamb, that was slain for the sins of the world.  St Augustine once said that our hearts are restless until they rest in God.  This, my friends, is what you have been waiting for.  Your hearts will rest in the care of your Redeemer, the Lion and Lamb.

    You’re one day closer to seeing God face to face.

    But you’re not quite there.  There’s still more work to do.

    How do you picture seeing God face to face?