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    When Christians talk about salvation, we’re not talking about fire insurance or a get out of jail free card.  When we talk about salvation, we should see it as a whole change.  It’s the complete change of relationship with the God of the universe from the position of being a stranger at best and an enemy at worst (see Romans for this sustained argument) to a restoration of the intended relationship with God.  We become who we were meant to be in the first place— a child of the King.

    In short, we find ourselves by looking to God.  

    We find ourselves by not altering the image of God into our own image, but instead aligning ourselves to him.

    A.W. Tozer once noted,

    “Much of our difficulty as seeking Christians stems from our unwillingness to take God as he is and adjust our lives accordingly.  We insist upon trying to modify him and to bring him nearer to our image.”

    I think Tozer is onto something.  We need to rest in God as he is, and not in our own actions or our own abilities.  That is how we find true rest.

    Our chief end, as the Westminster Shorter Catechism puts it, is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.  As Tozer noted, God wants the whole person and he will not rest till he gets us in entirety.  No part of the man will do.

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