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    I heard a sermon this past Advent centered on the angel’s message to Joseph and it stuck with me.  See, Joseph was a good man, very kind and just.  When he found out about Mary’s pregnancy and he decided to cut ties with her quietly, otherwise she could have been seriously damaged within that society.  Regardless of his character, Joseph was in deep personal crisis.

    In the middle of his crisis though, his world was forever altered.  While the narrative played out within his house, the music seemed to stop and everything changed.  The whole narrative was life altering for him as he discovered that he was called into being part of God’s rescue plan on earth and his good name would be dragged through the mud.

    Have you ever had a change in your narrative, when all becomes flipped over on its head?

    Have you ever had a moment when God calls you to put your name, talent, treasure, and time on the line?

    Take heart, for you are in the same family as Mary and Joseph, if you, in fact, follow Jesus.  He calls you to take a risk.  Take a risk and follow him, even if the costs are high.

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