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    To continue on my recent musings about being in seminary, I suppose that it is possible to lose one’s faith in seminary.  However, I also suggest that it is possible to lose my faith in the course of being a carpenter, salesman or nurse.  Living in a blue-collar, white-collar or any other career can also cause a person to lose their joy in Christ.  They can become consumed with greed, lust, power, and the pressures of life instead of the redemptive power of the gospel.  Instead of orienting our lives around the Kingdom of God and being consumed with a passion that is directed toward the glorifying of our God, we can become consumed with our own lives.

    Even good things can take the place of pursuing God’s will with singleness of mind.  Henri Nouwen would suggest that the greatest danger to the love of Christ is service to Christ.  We can become so busy in serving Him that we forget that we even love Him!  Our ultimate goal should be to conform into the image of Christ and bring glory to Him.  Quite frankly, everything else should be a means to that end.  It is only when we bring a means and make it an end that it becomes trouble for us.  Even something good (like marriage, patriotism, family, and social justice) can be twisted and consume our passion.

    Everything must be in alignment with the will of God, this is our ultimate aim.  God ought to be our polestar and the one we desire.  Just don’t lose that passion, whether in seminary or in the workforce.