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    Contemporary American Evangelicalism leads to many different things, both good and bad.  Whenever I heard about the Apocrypha I often tied it with a negative reaction.  Everybody knows that it is not truly Scripture like those Roman Catholics would have us believe!  Instead, it is something that should be removed from our Bibles and taken away from our collective sight.  Turns out this is just throwing out the Maccabean revolt with the bathwater.

    Using the devotional device of the Daily Office (i.e., devotional plan) for the Anglican Book of Common Prayer it led me into reading I Maccabees as a part of this plan.  (Typically, you read Psalms and passages from the Old Testament, New Testament and Gospels to start and end your day. ) And as I have been working through the text of I Maccabees, I have encountered some positive examples.  I have discovered new stories about having zeal for God’s Law.  When the Greek ruler stopped the worship of God, Matthias and his sons wouldn’t take it anymore.  Instead of passively standing by, they rose up to throw the shackles off their nation.  Their zeal led to liberation and provoked in me to be more passionate toward devoting myself to the Kingdom of God.

    This read-through led to making me wonder why I have been so obstinate in reading these books.  After all, Evangelicals read devotional literature all the time!  Why shouldn’t I place these books up on the same level as reading CS Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Oswald Chamber and other Christian writers?  If we read subpar books like from certain authors who write about having your best life now, why can’t we read literature to help our faith that is rooted in history and depth?

    So basically put, I have decided that I’m going to get over it and read the Apocrypha (which is not on par with Scripture but is still helpful in growth).


    So, what have you gotten over in your faith?