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    While I am out bonding with my beautiful daughter, I have the great privilege of bringing a powerful writer.  Julie Caulder blogs over at Incite Faith and her passion is finding redemption in brokenness.  I have learned a lot through her transparent writings, and I highly recommend subscribing to her blog Incite Faith. More on her follows this post.  So without further ado, take it away, Julie!


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    I have a confession:

    I used to hate reading the Bible.

    I never understood why reading the Word was so important. It seemed more like a chore than a commitment. I never approached the Word with passion and zeal, but with fearful restraint. What I didn’t know then God has since revealed to me now.

    God has revealed to me His Word has the power to transform our heart and renew our minds. When we’re burdened, worried, or afraid, God’s Word has the power to focus our attention where it belongs; on His truth. 

    Spending intimate time with God and reading His Word has been both challenging and convicting. It’s been in His Word I’ve been set free from a 16 year addiction, learned the healing power of forgiveness, and how one simple of act of obedience can transform our life. I had to face many obstacles and trials to get to this point in my life. I hit rock bottom, stayed in my sinful pit, and cursed and damned the Lord for putting me there. I ran from my problems, hid my sins, and lied to myself and others. I was a mess. 

    In 1 Kings 19, Elijah was afraid and ran for His life, then an angel touched him and said “Get up and eat. When trials come out first reaction is to run. We run from our situation and ourselves. We complain about our circumstances and stay in our mess because facing the truth about who we are would mean change. 

    Honestly, I didn’t want to change. I felt the way I was living was justified after all I’ve been through. I played the victim more than leaning on God’s redemptive grace. But God never gave up on me. The more time I spent with Him, He reminded me of His Word. There was something He needed me to know and He was ready to work in my life. His Word needed to pierce every unwilling part of my heart. God wanted to change my life, He wanted to change me, and it was going to start in His Word.

    God Himself gave us everything we need to live an abundant life; Jesus, His Son, The Holy Spirit, and the bread of life, His Word. If the Word of God doesn’t change you from the inside out, then it’s useless.

    I spend time with God in the morning before work, after work, and before bed. Why? Because I know how easy it is to be bogged down by distraction and busyness that we neglect time with the Lord. Like Elijah, we need to “Get up and eat” daily. Our minds are more vulnerable in the morning and God’s Word is what sustains us and gets us through our life and day. To limit our distractions, we need to pick up our Bibles daily and get distracted by His truth, not the noise of the world. God’s Word is the only thing worth being distracted by.

    Everything in God’s Word is truth. It cuts through everything hindering our relationship with Him. It tears down the veil of our hearts and reveals the truth of who we are and what we’re made of. While scary, His Word is necessary to live a life of faithful and relentless obedience.

    No matter where God has you, make it a point to “Get up and eat” daily. God wants to reveal His truth and Himself to you and that’s only possible through His Word.

    God’s Word sustains, comforts and remains.

    How much time are you spending in His Word?



    Julie Caulder has a passion for people and meeting them where they are in their struggle. She believes in the power of transparent community and in God’s redemptive grace. Her life motto is: “Love God, Love Others, Go!” You can connect with Julie on Twitter @InciteFaith

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