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    “Therefore, relying on this pledge, we trust that we are sons of God, for God’s natural Son fashioned for himself a body from our body, flesh from our flesh, bones from our bones, that he might be one with us.  Ungrudgingly, he took our nature upon himself to impart to us what was his, and to become both Son of God and Son of man in common with us.”

    -John Calvin

    Institutes on the Christian Religion

    Calvin penned these words to remind people that God indeed understands our lot.  He know what it is like to hurt, grieve, suffer, and be rejected.  The Second Person of the Trinity humbled Himself and became Incarnate, becoming a man.  This God-Man, as it were, bore all of our similarities and weaknesses.  Jesus, no doubt, became ill at times, had a sore neck and even suffered a tremendous headache.  Jesus was human, and He knows what we go through even in the midst of our, at times, seemingly monotonous life.

    Now, how does this correlate with Thanksgiving?  I wrote this piece specifically for today because whatever we may face presently, Christ know what we are going through.  We can understand and hold onto the reality that Jesus is our High Priest (as the writer to the Hebrews would suggest) that sympathizes with us.  He did not sit idly by hoping that things would get better for us.  Instead, the Word of God became incarnate, taking on a human body.  It is almost as if God decided to roll up His sleeves and redeem His creation.  Jesus, fully God and fully man, walked across ancient Palestine and experienced what fallen humanity faces.

    The very Image and Son of God became man that we might become sons and daughters, indeed joint heirs of the Father.  Today, let us rejoice in the fact that Jesus became man in order that we might receive what was imparted “to us what was his, and to become both Son of God and Son of man in common with us.”

    Thanks be to God!