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    God knows us.

    He knows the deepest parts of us.  Those parts serve as the core of our being, that area that we might not even know about ourselves.  That was the impression I picked up in Judges 6 when the “angel of the Lord” spoke with Gideon.  He called Gideon “a mighty man of valor” while Gideon was hiding from an oppressive army.  He knew who Gideon was, even though Gideon did not know himself.

    God knows the numbers of hairs on our head.  He knows what drives us, what makes us tick.  The Lord sees the innermost part of our being and He knows us well.  I think that’s why it frightens me sometimes to be completely vulnerable with God.  I think that’s why it’s unnerving to admit things to Him.  He knows who we are even before we know ourselves!

    The Lord knows who I am.  He knows the core of my being!  He knows my story.  The Lord knows who you are and He knows your story.

    Maybe I ought to hold onto this thought and count it as a relief, for he both loves and cares about me in spite of my deficiencies.