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    “Do I want my life to be miserable when I am older?”

    That is an interesting question, thanks for asking it, book that just messed with my head.  That’s actually something that I typically don’t get asked on a daily basis.  I prefer being asked, why are you so awesome?  but sadly those are few and far in between.

    To be honest, I initially rejected that question.  After all, I don’t want to sit here and plan for another day when I have been graciously given today!  Today is all we’ll ever be guaranteed, why waste it?  I want to be present in my youth and still keep an eye on the horizon.

    So the tension arrives with that question and I am confronted.  Confronted with a new way of thinking.  Confronted with living differently today for a brighter future tomorrow.

    The thing is, do I live with the future in mind, making sure that I am still present today?  Do I aim the trajectory of my life towards something better down the road while also enjoying the current stage of life?

    That question was planted in my mind when I attended a conference a few months ago. Donald Miller gave a great perspective on this in his Storyline conference.  After working through several different issues (like identifying your passions and roles, then moving towards those things) he said we should have a climactic scene in mind, something that we aim for in life.  Miller also said we can only have 5 major roles that we can focus on and be excellent in (with minor roles, of course).  For me, one of my major roles that I am  performing is Jeremy the writer.  And to let you in on my climactic scene for that role, eventually, I want to be a published author.  So I envision myself opening up a box of freshly printed books.  That scene will then become a guiding light of sorts.  Not an obsession, but a motivation towards something greater. This climactic scene helps provide focus to one of my roles in life.

    So I was challenged to picture this scene for different roles in my life.  I then willfully choose to live with the perspective that I’m actually heading there– living as if it mattered.   If I picture having a family free from the shackles of debt and standing atop the Eiffel Tower to celebrate (trip completely paid for, mind you), then I live today on a trajectory for that goal.  That goal may not arrive quite as planned, but it will still make a better person today as I look toward tomorrow.

    Plan and aim for tomorrow, but be present in today.  That’s how I want to live my life.  How about you?

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