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    Is it possible to be a Christian apart from the community of faith?  I submit to you that I think not.

    While it is possible that you can read your Bible on your own for all your days, you will end up non the wiser and probably more dangerous without the community of faith surrounding you.  For the Word of God comes from the relational dynamic of the Trinitarian God, where Father, Son, and Holy Spirit dwelt together in unity and relationship.

    The Trinitarian God brought forth creation and led to the formation of humanity in his image.  Did you ever notice what the Trinitarian God said when he saw Adam all alone in the Garden?  He said it wasn’t good for man to be alone.  Even with a perfect relationship with God it was not good, in fact, God was not enough.  Adam needed a partner, he needed a community and the family unit was brought forth into existence.

    (Think about that, God was not enough for Adam!)

    Similarly, reading the Bible on your own is not enough, you need others.  Both you and I need to read within the community and within the broad narrative of the Church.  We need to consult with others (both those living and those who have left us books).  We need lay leaders, pastors, theologians, friends, and little old, blue-hair ladies.

    Friends, I am convinced that it takes a church to raise a Christian.

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