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    vegan vanilla ice cream

    I have again been given the great privilege to guest post at Incite Faith this week.  This month, I wrote on the importance of my story in light of God’s story.  Even though my tale might not be fit for the silver screen, it is precious in the eyes of God.

    In Evangelical circles, there is great emphasis placed on our personal testimonies of faith.  Often times in church settings, we will hear tales of recovering drug addicts, sexaholics, abusers of power, and gang members coming to Jesus.  But for someone like me, raised in a stable home and never venturing too far from the beaten trail, I felt like my story was more bland, and I was embarrassed about my story.  With so many other tales of how the Spirit brought someone into the family of God, I often felt like I was vanilla.  I felt as if I was a boring, old flavor that needed to be apologized for in the world of interesting stories.  But dear reader, know that even a seemingly unsexy story of faith is still important in God’s eyes.  

    After a lot of anguish in preparing for this camp, I came to the conclusion that my testimony is not there to brag about my experience.  It’s meant to show how Jesus acts in our lives, whether it is a dramatic conversion like Paul on the “Road to Damascus” or a gradual transition into the Kingdom of God.  Our stories are unique and they’re important in God’s eyes because that’s the road he takes to reach us.

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