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    I recently came back from a trip on a plane and it hit a significant amount of turbulence in the flight.  While I was in that choppy air, a morbid thought entered my brain.  I thought, “What if this plane had a technical glitch and plummeted into the Pacific somewhere between Hawaii and California?”

    I felt right with the Lord and shrugged at the dark thought.  I realized at that time that God is Lord of all, even my days.  If I died in that moment I would know that worrying could not save me.  My entire being was in the hands of the Almighty One, He who cares for me.  If I lived, I knew that my days would go along until I faced death and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

    I had a remarkable assurance in the power of the Lord, the keeper of my life.  I could relate for a moment (albeit not perfectly) to the psalmist in Psalm 19 who feared for his life yet trusted in the covenant keeping God.  The Lord’s faithfulness would always come through, even in the dark moments.  Even if the jaws of death snatched me from this world I could rest in the fact that Christ had conquered it.  Death is fangless, death has had its sting removed.  It is through the resurrection of Jesus that we can have full assurance that our lives will be kept, even after we die.  To be in Christ means that we will be raised from the dead in glory, given new bodily life.  In Christ, we are given life after life after death.