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    Separation Anxiety

    Think about the last full moon you’ve seen.

    Got the image in your head?  Good!

    Now, (hopefully!) you should recall from a science class or two that the moon does not make its own light.  I’m sorry to disappoint if you never heard that, but the moon has no way of generating its nightly glow.  Most nights out of the year, the moon provides a brilliant show for us here on earth.  We can look up and see her up there, shining brilliantly in the dark.  If you’ve ever had the chance of going out to a rural area, you know firsthand how incredible it is to have that light source up there.  The full moon makes the nights a little brighter.

    Though an elementary school child might know that the moon has no light source, we might not often think about why it provides so much light to us on the dark side of our planet.  While the moon might not be like our Sun, it makes for a great mirror of light.  Night after night, she reflects the light of the Sun to those who might be in darkness.  Night after night, she reflects the brilliance of the Sun, providing a bit of beauty when things get rather dark.

    Why the astronomy lesson?  I guess I’m trying to say that Christ followers should be less like the Sun and more like the moon.  We, by ourselves, cannot provide light to the world.  We, by ourselves, cannot guide other people in the darkness.  No, we need another light source.  We need the light of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, to shine into the darkness.  It is only when his light is shone upon our lives, that we would ever have a chance at shining into the world.

    Just keep in mind, that the only time that the moon does not reflect the light of the Sun is when the world gets in between the two.  So it is with followers of Christ, when the love of the world’s spirit means we lose out on the light of the Son and we lose our example.  Stay untainted from the world, my dear brothers and sisters, so that you and I might reflect the light and love of Christ to a world in darkness.