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    I find myself every year longing for Christmas decorations, lights, gingerbread, and Christmas carols.  I succumb occasionally to the temptation to tune into my “Classical Christmas” station on Pandora from time to time and revel in the great music of the season.

    Longing for Advent to show up is natural, after all there are two purposes for this season within the Church.  One is to build the longing for the Messiah and prepare our hearts for Christmas.  The other purpose is to acknowledge and prepare our hearts for the 2nd Advent– the return of Jesus.

    The Return of the King, when all will be righted, when sorrow and pain will forever be removed and the glorious Kingdom will be realized.  It makes my heart sing thinking about the incredible hope!  The Return of Jesus is what our hearts long for ultimately when we long for Advent.

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