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    Do you like celebrity magazines?

    Come on, I know you glance at them at the checkout stand of the grocery store.  You can’t fool me!  OK, maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but chances are you have some sort of celebrity or public figure you admire.  Whether it’s President Obama, QB Peyton Manning, Justin Beiber, or JK Rowling, I’m certain that there is one person out there you are starstruck by.  I was starstruck by one of my childhood heroes Chuck Finley, former starting pitcher for the (then) California Angels, when I met him a few years ago.  I knew a lot of stats about him, had the jersey, and sported a replica mullet of his back in the day, but nothing was greater than being able to shake his hand in person.

    What if I, after knowing so much about that player, decided not to do anything?  What if I saw a hero, someone I admired, and chose not to go to that person to say hi?  I would miss out on an opportunity, an opportunity that comes about only occasionally.

    At the time of Jesus’ birth, there were scribes who knew all about the anticipated Messiah. They were the resident experts on it, and would have been able to write about it in the MESSIAH Weekly.  We are even told in Matthew 2 that they were so brilliant that foreigners came from a far land to hear where this Messiah would have been born.  These foreigners, the Wise Men or Magi, followed a star, a rumor associated with the birth of a possible king.  The locals, on the other hand, had knowledge and sat on it instead of following the foreigners to where the Messiah would be.  The foreigners followed the rumor of a king and the expert locals remained with their stale knowledge.

    How sad it is that these experts had the knowledge that moved foreigners to trek miles across the desert on the hint of a rumor and the light of a star, while they remained at home?  The love that moved the universe into existence was not enough to move these experts into action.

    It is my hope that as a follower of Christ, that I do not fall into the category of the expert who rests on the laurels of knowledge, but instead be moved by that knowledge and follow the star.  Follow the truth that the King was born, and that he lived, was crucified, risen, and is now ascended to the Father.  One day he will return in glory, and that light will be here to stay.  It is my hope that the Church is moved by Christ, not just by Finley or Bieber.

    Who are you moved by or what keeps you from being moving?