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    Be seeing you

    This year has brought many different transition points for me.  One of the big transition points is a move from graduate student to a graduated student from Fuller Seminary.  And here is how I’m learning to cope.  

    I thought that at the close of my MA in Theology program that I would be a little bit wiser and a little bit brighter, but now I’m realizing that stepping out of the shelter at Fuller that I still don’t know a lot.  Quite frankly, I really don’t feel like I’m a master of anything (insert Seinfeld “Master of my Domain” joke here).

    My time there wasn’t a waste though, I’ve learned and grown tremendously.  After many leaps and bounds in my education, I feel as if I have just begun to scratch the surface of the God I worship.  I might be able to slowly translate ancient languages, unpack the tension of Church History, and explain what I believe and why I believe it, but the more I’ve grown, the more I realize that I will never know fully.  

    John Calvin wrote about cultivating a knowledge of God that is deeper than any textbook or devotional literature.  He said that we should aim not for book smarts or street smarts alone, but instead we should have a knowledge of the heart– a knowledge of who God is that is deep rooted within us.  

    I read a story about an interview with Einstein’s wife about the theory of relativity.  When she was asked whether or not she understood this theory she responded in a great way.  She said she didn’t know the theory, but she knew Einstein.  She might not have had all the answers to the technical problems, but she knew the man in ways that any other scientist would never get close to knowing.

    That is exactly the heart of the matter, and that’s what Calvin is talking about.  For me, I do not feel like a master of theology, but I do know Jesus.  I have grown since my time in seminary and I’m glad I went.  It’s now time to put that knowledge into action and help other people know Jesus a little bit better.

    How do you handle transition?

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