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    2012 begins!  There are many things that we can do with the start of another year.  I hope to get the most out of it since the Mayan calendar tells me that the end of humanity will come very soon.  So what will I be planning on accomplishing before the clock tolls December 21, 2012?

    • Quit being a sheepwalker!

    I just read through a short book by Seth Godin called “Tribes” and Godin brought this term to my attention.  A sheepwalker is someone who always does what everybody else has done.  Instead of challenging the status quo, our  default position (read: my default position) is to slowly move along and to react to situations.  Becoming a leader is something that everybody can do and is not just reserved for dominant personalities.  Find your passion and others of similar minds will follow.

    • Take more pictures!

    I want to document what I’ve done in this upcoming year.  I want to record where I’ve been to (even if it is just the local Starbucks) and who I have seen.  There is no excuse to record these, now that I am a pretentious iPhone owner…

    • Write and publish something

    This is the big goal for 2012.  It is not just a wish or resolution that falls to the wayside by Groundhog’s Day, it is something I am going to work on this coming year.  It might be a small book review, or short article.  That’s fine with me. Hopefully it will start me on the road to writing more and more.

    So, what is your goal for this final year in existence?