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    On the platform, reading

    I wrote last month on how we can find God’s will (if you haven’t read it, check them out here and here).  I originally thought that God’s will was for me to marry the “one” and to work at ACME Enterprise, but instead I discovered that God’s will was for me to be sanctified in Christ and be renewed in him.  It wasn’t about taking the right train to find the right person who will then introduce me to the right mate three years into the future.  As Paul would relay to the Romans, God’s will is found in not conforming to the world, but instead being transformed through the work of Jesus (Romans 12:1-2).

    If God’s will can be found through the transforming work of Jesus, then we can verify this will through believing in the name of Jesus and loving each other (I John 3:23).  In short, trust in the testimony concerning Jesus the Messiah and then out of that belief will flow love toward each other.

    The thing I didn’t get as a high schooler was that God’s will is not this mystical map or target I needed to hit.  Instead it is a life that is easy to talk about but much harder to live into.  That’s where Holy Spirit shows up in our theology and in I John.  He shows up to assure and confirm that we are in Christ.  He shows up to affirm that we are children of God.

    God’s will can be found and it can be assured when we trust in the testimony of Jesus, for God will give us his Spirit to confirm whose we are and will lead us into who we are meant to be—sons and daughters of the King.

    How do you find God’s Will?

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