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    The Hydrant BaptismAs you may or may not know, big changes are entering into my world this year.  Comfort and routine will soon be altered as I take on the new role of being a dad next month.  While I am so excited to bring our daughter home and begin connecting with her, I know that it will be a huge life altering event.  It will no longer be the Dynamic Riley Duo, instead we’ll become the Terrific Riley Trio.

    Along that same thought, I received the privilege of guest posting over at More Than A Beard this Monday, and I wanted to share with you all the content.  Whether or not you’re an expectant parent, I believe it might be helpful (Hopefully I am not the only one out there who is fearful of accidentally dropping a baby!).

    Here’s a portion on learning by relating to the other:

    “When I married my wife, I discovered that we were a bit different (extrovert-introvert, dominant-passive, and female brain-male brain to name a few).  It was here in my learning to love the other that I found out more about who I was.  It was here where I learned that sometimes I needed to make sacrifices and listen to my wife instead of trying to fix things.  I learned by relating with the other.

    With a daughter about to join us, I will have to do this all over again.  My nephews were easy to relate to: play Star Wars or Avengers and things would be alright.  Now, I need to find out what makes a daughter tick and then delight in that bond with her.”  

    Read this rest of the post here.

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