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    Stepping out in faith is scary.

    Whether it’s moving from the land of your fathers as Abram did or inviting a friend to church, the fear is all to real for the follower of Jesus.

    Fortunately, I was reminded by Krish Kandiah in Christianity Today that Jesus does not send people out on their own.  Instead, he connected his disciples with the mission of God– the very activity of the Triune God.

    “The Father sends Jesus into the world, and Jesus sends the church in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

    The Church is the place where the Spirit is present as a witness to Jesus (as Lesslie Newbigin once noted) and where newness of life is brought.  New life is breathed into the lungs of the Church and God initiates new creation through them.

    If you are in Christ, you are a part of this narrative.  Jesus promises Holy Spirit to us, and this Spirit is the same Spirit that rose Jesus from the freaking grave (holy smokes, Batman!).

    So be encouraged, if Jesus was raised from the grave, he too can give you life. 

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