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    This post really resonated with me from a blogger I really enjoy, Allison Vesterfelt.  She centers the conversation around powerlessness and the work needed to change from that posture.

    Allison specifically lived with powerlessness for many years and she discovered that there were four different byproducts from a sense of powerlessness (complaining, blaming, striving for acceptance, and disengaging or numbing).  Fortunately, she learned to confront them through these tips:

    • Rather than complaining about being too busy or stressed, I choose to organize my time differently.
    • When there is a miscommunication, I choose to assume I didn’t communicate well, rather than that the other person didn’t listen.
    • Rather than complaining about how certain people treat me, I try to set better boundaries and expectations.
    • Rather than looking for someone to blame when things don’t go how I want them to, I look for ways I can accept responsibility, even if it’s small.
    • Rather than always deferring to the advice of others, I’m learning to listen to myself
    • Rather than worrying about my reputation, I focus on my character
    • When conflict or discomfort comes comes, I work to stay engaged and open—being as honest as I can about how I feel.

    I really love these steps of finding your voice and stepping into it.  I highly recommend checking out her entire post: Some Things To Try When Life Feels Out of Control.