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    A few months ago I went to a symphony event up at the Hollywood Bowl.  John Williams, the famous conductor of many movie scores, was there leading the L.A. Philharmonic.  They played scores from Star Wars, E.T., Schindler’s List, and many other of his incredible works.  As I was sitting there soaking in the music, my wife, the musician, told me how nerve wracking it must be to play for the composer.  After all, Williams would know exactly in his head what each piece should sound like and he would lead each section to replicate it.

    Unlike the musicians at the Bowl, followers of Christ do not have the luxury of knowing exactly what we ought to be doing at all times.  The color of our clothing, vocational goals, and modes of transportation are all things we do not have the luxury of having written rules on what we should or should not do.  We don’t have a conductor in front of us who can lead us to replicate the sound as it was meant to be heard.

    Instead, Christians must follow a different life.  It is like playing a piece of music from someone who has died centuries ago.  It would be like playing a piece by Mozart.  We do not know how exactly he might want us to sound like.  Sure, the basic notes are there and some aids will be found on the original pieces.  Yet, each artist must interpret the notes of Mozart to the best of their abilities.  That’s why we have so many different classical CDs out there on the market from different symphonies.

    Similarly, Christ followers must interpret the words of Christ and play out a life in the same spirit as the player of Mozart.  We might have a general sense of direction, but ultimately it will be the Holy Spirit who will help us be more faithful to who we ought to be.  It will be the Spirit’s guidance that will help us to live faithfully in accordance to the will of Christ and to walk with boldness, humbly knowing that we can be faithful in our lives.  Ultimately our faith will be made sight in the second Advent of our Lord or in our passing into eternity.

    So until then, dear friends, live faithfully in his grace.