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    (Part 2/2 of Psalm 1 and Torah)

    Psalms 1 is a fantastic psalm, filled with many treasures.  One other thing that I wanted to emphasis is about the characteristics of a person.  As mentioned previously, J. Clinton McCann, Jr. also talks about the righteous person in A Theological Introduction to the Books of Psalms.  The blessed person is not happy according to riches, prestige or power.  Indeed, many people who rejected God will live in prosperity.  The prosperity and peace that is talked about is not according to worldly standards, for the peace of the righteous is not as the world gives (see: John 14:27).  The happiness that is hinted at in Psalms 1 is that the individual’s life is wholly oriented towards the instruction of God.  It is a constant yielding to Him.

    Peace is neither a naive optimism of wealth or self-righteous legalism, as written about last week.  No, it is far greater than that.  It is about an abandonment of our convictions of living fine by ourselves and clinging to torah.  Righteousness is not about purity of heart or a maintenance of puritanical-standards.  Instead, righteousness is being open to God’s instruction and being willing to grow towards the full measure of the stature of Christ.  As John Calvin would say that it is a “teachable spirit”, someone who is open to instruction from God.  And this spirit brings honor and praise to God, for that is where humanity finds life.