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    All good things must come to an end. College. A good book. An epic movie. A powerful song. Love. Life.

    If this small rock in time and space was the beginning and end of our existence, why make it better? If it is, then eat and drink, for tomorrow we die! Why have any hope or purpose? Raw Darwinist philosophy teaches us the survival of the fitness and that we should abide by the law of the jungle. If we do that, then what point is there even to living? Life is just a random act, morality is a devised concept and love is merely a chemical reaction. Somehow, I think we were meant for so much more.

    Heaven is a fulfillment of everything that we have held dear. It is the culmination, the grand coronation of everything that we have longed for.  It a future reality where our restlessness will be finally fulfilled. As St. Augustine said, “You have made us for yourselves, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.” Our heart’s longings and desires have been twisted and turned into this mess of modern nihilistic and egotistical philosophy. Only upon another land can we ever be completed. As we migrate across this open plain, we head towards the Jordan River. One day we shall cross, whether next week or next century. Those who are in Christ can look forward to gazing up from the riverbanks to witness the immense reflections of crystal walls and pristine land.  The city of Jerusalem shine down upon us, more glorious than anything in our imaginations. The open gates beckon us to run, taking shelter in the warmth of the city square. We will see lost friends and embrace new ones.  CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and John Bunyan’s  Pilgrim’s Progress are helpful in demonstrating this pilgrimage mentality in the midst of a great story.  For those who are in Christ, the chapters do not end for us, for it is only the beginning of our adventure.

    When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
    Bright shining like the sun,
    We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
    Than when we first begun.

    An adventure that never ends, continuing in eternal freshness. Like the Grey Havens of Lord of the Rings, youth and vigor is preserved and amplified.

    One day that shadow will be reality. One day. One day.