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    I read a piece in Time magazine on Barbara Brown Taylor, a well-known preacher and author.  If you are a student of preaching, you are no doubt familiar with her storytelling and style.  However, this piece was not about how to become a more capable preacher or develop the perfect sermon illustrations.  No, this piece is on darkness.  On darkness and how the follower of Jesus could learn to lean into the darkness.

    In darkness, God meets his people.  As the source of Light and all life, he comes to us when we are most lost and hopeless.  He comes to us as he did to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  As he revealed himself to Rahab, Ruth, and Mary.  In darkness and confusion, the Lord shows up.

    In the darkness, I cannot help but pray, “Lord, have mercy, Christ have mercy.”  And I’m becoming a little more comfortable in this posture.

    Photo: David via Compfight