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    Vectored Vegetables

    When I was a kid, I hated eating my vegetables.  I hated green beans.  I hated potatoes.  I hated peas.  Bring in the oddball veggies like squash, Brussels sprouts, or broccoli and I was out of there.

    Truth be told, I wouldn’t be out of there; I would sit at the table until I finished my dinner.  The tri-tip steak and roll were easy, but I tried to hide those greens.  I chewed them up and spit them into my milk cup.  I’d feed it to our dog or tried to hide it in the bottom of the little bit of mashed potatoes on my plate.  As brilliant as I thought I was, it seemed like I just could never get away with it.

    Do you ever feel that happens with you?  That whatever you do sometimes you just can’t get away with it?

    I wonder if that’s how we see God sometimes.  I wonder if we think God just wants us to eat our veggies, be good, and help little, old ladies cross the street, and if we don’t he grounds us for the week.  But I wonder if God truly cares about whether or not we eat our veggies and clean up our room.

    Maybe God wants more of us than just crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

    Maybe, just maybe, he wants us to come to him.  Maybe he wants to transform our desires, and to give us a new desire.

    A desire to be loving, and not just be tolerant. 

    A desire to be people filled with integrity, and not just be good. 

    A desire to be people marked with true compassion, and not just periodic altruism. 

    Once I was a child and hated my vegetables.  Now I’m an adult, and I love butternut squash, green beans, broccoli, and even Brussels sprouts.  Perhaps that’s how God works within us.  Maybe he helps order our desires and we begin to want to want to do good.  (with or without the broccoli)

    Photo: Nancy Regan via Compfight