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    But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.
    James 3:17-18

    What’s your first impression of the above passage?  I know mine, those marks are intense!  Too intense, I fear.  I’d like to think that these marks and characteristics are ones that I embody, but I know all too well that if I looked in the mirror long enough, I would find a different picture.  I still have a good ways to go to fully embody these traits, and I am hopeful that one day I will operate from a position of grace, not fear.

    For James, the wisdom God provided is one that operates on a different set of assumptions.  It is a wisdom that bring about peace, not strife.  It is a wisdom that brings about sincerity instead of falsehood.  It is a wisdom rooted in the Kingdom of God instead of any Kingdom of Man.

    With the end of the 2012 Campaign and the beginning of a new session of Congress in Washington, I hope that followers of Jesus will sow seeds of peace in a terrain that unfortunately features an immense amount of strife.  The Christian Right, Left, and Middle (not to mention the Anabaptists) should vigorously advocate for their ideas as long as it is done with the wisdom from above.  This wisdom, of course, being rooted in God’s peace.

    I guess I’ve come to the realization that campaigns come and campaigns go, yet the peace of Christ remains.  Doomsday predictions often times do not come to fruition, but if they do, take heart that the peace of Christ will still remain.  Surely the sun will rise the next day and the birds will sing, yet the love of Christ will still there.

    What I do know and firmly trust is that God is in control, even when your party loses.   God is still the Lord over all, even when your candidate wins.  Kingdoms rise, and kingdoms fall, yet God remains.

    So my encouragement to you is to be a person of peace and hold onto the wisdom from above.  Argue courageously for your conviction, but do so with a spirit of peace and purity.