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    In the past couple of years I unearthed the realization that I enjoyed writing.

    I cannot recall what made this dawn on me, but whatever it was, I decided to pursue it more in my life though this blog and other writings.

    Jeff Goins, a wonderful writer and blogger, would further encourage me in his eBook You are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One).  He provoked me to label myself as a writer, even when it feels like I am not.  So, I began telling myself, Jeremy, you are a writer.  So start acting like one.

    This realization was similar to another one I recently discovered.  Somewhere along my journey in seminary I uncovered the learned truth that I was a child of God.  I knew it, but I didn’t know it.  You know what I mean?  I had a knowledge of it, but it wasn’t a knowledge of the heart (as John Calvin would say).  It wasn’t there in my gut.  So I decided to tell myself that, even when it felt like I was not.

    Jeremy, you are a child of God.  So start acting like one.

    Both of these declarations started with who I was– one was by choice, the other by grace.  Yet both would direct me to action.

    Jeremy you are a child of God and writer. So start acting like one.

    See, it was not enough to just be.  I needed to then do.  I needed to act like who I was, even when it felt awkward.  I needed to live out of that reality, that place of a deeply rooted conviction.  I would become a “be-do,” as a college professor once taught me.

    So I’m going to live a better story and leave behind the little I have been gifted and blessed with.  I want to live a better story by acting like a writer and son of God.  I only have one shot at life, might as well give it my all.  After all, I am a follower of Christ, I need to act like one.

    What do you need to start acting like?