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Christianity in One Sentence

7 Oct

Want to know what the Christian faith is in a nutshell?  Here it is: “We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.” -Tim Keller Thanks be to God.  *Alleluia!  Amen. What […]

Why You Should Consider Knowing What You Believe And Why You Believe It

24 Apr

I am in the middle of preparing a brief message on the crucifixion scene in the Gospel of Mark and it reminded about the author’s style in the composition of this account.  During my preparation, I was reading in a commentary about the questions surrounding when to date this particular gospel.  It ultimately comes down […]

Can Justice and Love Coexist?

25 Mar

I mentioned recently that God is both the embodiment of love and justice.  I wanted to take it a step further and convey that we are able to see God’s love for us in his justice.  Please hear me out. In an ancient world marked by child sacrifice and appeasing the gods with human sacrifice, […]

There’s Something About Grace

12 Mar

What makes Christianity different from the other great world religions? Moral code? Sayings? Theology and dogma? Christian author Philip Yancey suggested the major the thing separating Christian faith from the other major world religions was its emphasis on grace.  If you think about it, there are moral codes shared with other religious books and there […]

Why You Should Get Drunk On Grace

14 Jan

Jesus partied.  He hung out with hookers, scoundrels, and crooks.  While his cousin John the Baptist would be marked as a man who fasted and lived meagerly, Jesus seemed to be characterized as an eater and drinker who liked to hang out with the wrong sorts of people.  At first glance, it seems as if […]

The Reason For My Hope: a book review

20 Dec

America’s elder evangelist has penned a wonderful book on the hope of salvation.  In “The Reason For My Hope,” Billy Graham marvelously uses stories to communicate the gospel to anyone who picks up this book.  As would be expected of a longtime evangelist, Graham’s work is easily accessible, as he takes us from why we […]

Why I Cling To Hope In Advent

18 Dec

We have seen that to change the corruptible to incorruption was proper to none other than the Savior Himself, Who in the beginning made all things out of nothing; that only the Image of the Father could re-create the likeness of the Image in men, that none save our Lord Jesus Christ could give to […]

Preach the gospel, use words because they’re necessary

10 Apr

Many people who have heard the name Francis of Assisi associates the man with the phrase, “Preach the gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.”  I heard this phrase many times in my undergrad education and decided to adopt it for a period of time.  I thought it was brilliant and that it captured […]

Bringing My Baggage

19 Apr

I took a course in my Undergrad education that was called Historiography.  While some of the books might have been rather dull and dry, the main point of the books was about our sense of objectivity.  It is widely assumed that we can come to a situation or book and be totally without bias.  This […]

Brokenness… and Joy!

3 Aug

There was a guest post over at Between Two Worlds blog today where Jared Wilson wrote about the importance of brokenness and joy.  The first step towards real joy, he argued, is when we are encountered by despair over our failings.  However, once that despair has occurred then we are given freedom to laugh and […]