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    I have the privilege to bring back a blogger-friend who has taught me a lot through her work.  Julie Caulder blogs over at “Incite Faith” and her passion is finding redemption in brokenness.  I have learned a lot through her transparent writings, and I highly recommend subscribing to her blog Incite Faith. More on her follows this post.


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    As 2014 approached, I told myself I wasn’t make any new year resolutions. While I appreciate the effort most people put towards making them, if we’re honest, resolutions don’t last. For the past few years, my only resolve was to draw closer to God.  God always shows up to remind me of His truth and what He’s been telling me lately has brought both fear and comfort. Fear in knowing our days are numbered but comfort knowing we’re only promised today and need to make the most of today and right now.

    God’s Word is absolute and stands firm through waves of uncertainty, insecurity, and trial. Most of us either deny His truth or don’t spend enough time meditating on it to take His Word seriously.

    Everything He has spoken clearly to me brings both joy and pain. It’s been through a discerning spirit God has revealed what most of us spend our life ignoring. Our days are numbered. If we let this truth sink into the depths of our core, we wouldn’t make resolutions, goals, or resolve to do better at anything, we’d start right now this very moment.

    Last year, I told myself I’d write more, be a better friend, and be more intentional.  I hardly wrote, though I made friends, I wasn’t intentional with everyone I needed to be. Looking back on last year, I failed. I failed at everything. I allowed myself to become distracted and busy. I allowed myself to miss the point of why I’m here, why we’re all here; To put God first above everything and then walk with others loving them the way His son loves us.

    All we have is right now and we need to seize every moment and live it like it’s our last. Jesus seized every moment and so should we.

    The more I think about the fragility of life and how numbered our days are, I’m more aware of what I need to say and do to others who have impacted my life.  Before we know it, time will pass and so will our life.  Things we promise ourselves to do now may not be accomplished tomorrow, they’ll be left undone. All we have is the breath of today. 

    It is my prayer for all of us as we walk into a new year, we will learn to seize every opportunity and teach ourselves to number our days. 

    Psalm 90:12

    12 Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

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    SiteJulie Caulder has a passion for people and meeting them where they are in their struggle. She believes in the power of transparent community and in God’s redemptive grace. Her life motto is: “Love God, Love Others, Go!” You can connect with Julie on Twitter @InciteFaith