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    I was going through my Feedly reader and read a very interesting post by fellow blogger Thomas Mason.  In his post last week, Thomas unpacked a very practical question that is likely to come up during the Christmas holiday about the gifts of the Three Magi:

    Have you ever really dug in deep to discover the meaning of the three gifts that the Magi brought with them as they set out to find the Christ-child to worship Him? Why did they even bring anything at all? What’s the significance of the gifts? We kind of know what gold is, but why give such a thing to a baby? And what about the other two gifts? What is frankincense? What is myrrh? Why give gifts to a baby that He couldn’t use at that particular time in His life? Why not give Him something He could enjoy right away?

    I encourage you to go over and read Thomas’ thorough explanation of the three gifts. Here is the wrap up to whet your learning appetite!

    To summarize, gold was a gift for a King; frankincense was a gift for Jesus’ divinity, and myrrh was a spice for His burial. Even though these gifts provided financial resources for the round trip Mary and Joseph took to Egypt, they were symbolic of the future roles of Jesus.

    If the Magi brought these gifts from the East to Jesus, I wonder what gifts we might bring to Jesus this year. Perhaps he calls us to bring our entire world to him.

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